Restricting tobacco sponsorship

The settlement agreement reached between US States and the major tobacco manufacturers, as part of its terms to reduce smoking in the US, includes restrictions on the industry sponsoring various public events. The agreement restricts sponsorships by tobacco brand names and prohibits brand name sponsorship of events with a significant youth audience, or of team sports (football, basketball, baseball, hockey or soccer). It prohibits sponsorship of events where the paid participants or contestants are underage. It further limits tobacco companies to one brand name sponsorship per year (after current contracts expire or after three years - whichever comes first). The agreement allows corporate sponsorship of athletic, musical, cultural, artistic or social events as long as the corporate name does not include the brand name of a domestic tobacco product. Finally the agreement bans tobacco brand names for stadiums and arenas and limits duration and area of advertising for sponsored events.
Type Classification:
G: Very Specific strategies