Exemplifying rational assignment

Embodying the intentional style by which people are assigned to positions. The effect is creating intentional and lucid workmen.
An integral part of embodying vocational assignments, to allow the individual to be conscious of his work as a dynamic and covenanted assignment to the community.
Tactics include: employment rotation to allow shifting to different jobs to get a broader context of how different jobs relate to each other; cross-cultural engagement to embody the possibility of assignment to any part of the world as well as symbolic activities such as global studies which concretely ground the style of global responsibility; articulated priorities to forge self-conscious values necessary for prioritizing assignments; talent utilization to hold the values of a person's special gifts, background, needs and uniqueness in making assignments; and neighbourhoods to ground the worker in his local community through forging the style of a responsible neighbourhood resident. An example is a manufacturer who is clear that his product is essential to the solution of one of the world problems or needs.
Innovative change Logic
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D: Detailed strategies