Designing myth-bearing decor

To symbolize the basic myths of the community non-verbally through a variety of art-forms. The catalytic effect is to remind an individual of his basic meaning and to encourage the use of new forms of social art telling the community's story.
An integral part of recreating human mythology to enable each individual to create a new self story, seeing himself in his local situation as a global person with a covenantal relationship to life.
Tactics include: home decor to introduce family symbols to remind the family of their mission to the community and the globe; community signs to disseminate images to symbolize the community's relationships; world symbols to provide global symbols to expand consciousness from the level of community and nation-state to one globe; vocational trademark to inform the individual that every job, no matter how mundane, is of global, historical significance; and personal symbolism to allow the individual to create his own symbol system to tell himself a story about his uniqueness.
Type Classification:
D: Detailed strategies