Globalizing operations of small and medium size enterprises

The growth and survival of small and medium size enterprises (SMEs) in a globalizing world economy require the adoption at the national and international level of policies and programmes which allow them to compete both at home and abroad. At the national level, new supporting structures are needed, including programmes for entrepreneurship and innovative capacity-building, ability to meet new standards being set in international negotiations, and information on market opportunities. A number of measures can be taken to increase SMEs' access to markets, finance, business skills and technology. The need for new international standards for product quality and the environment should be taken into account, with the full participation of developing countries in future standard-setting. Since SMEs excel at job creation, and job creation is key to reducing poverty, policies and programmes to support SMEs should be promoted.
New technologies such as information technology and electronic commerce will revolutionize the way business is conducted and could provide SMEs with unprecedented access to global markets. At the same time, they could also endanger the survival and growth of some SMEs.
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Challenging globalization
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E: Emanations of other strategies
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