Discovering universal relatedness

Uncovering universal relatedness
Communicating universal story
Making every individual aware in the depths of his being his relatedness to every other individual. The effect is to unify the human community through common images of relatedness.
An integral part of re-empowering sacred objects to provide appropriate corporate symbols of contingency and relatedness.
Tactics include: community origin to study the relationships in the common past which place people in the larger web of human history; structured travel to provide a comprehensive, cosmopolitan experience to impress upon individuals their brotherhood with global peoples alien to them; demonstrated possibility to act out in concrete ways culturally comprehensive activities as signs of the viable global indicative; art expression to exhibit the universality of the message of art as that which reveals depth reality; inter-ethnic fabric to bridge the commonality of human experience. An example is the sense of relatedness that exchange students experience on having lived as a member of a family in another country.
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D: Detailed strategies
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