Trans-socializing occupations

Trans-socializing occupational pools
Transcending social distinctions within the occupational labour force. The catalytic effect is to integrate all of a society into meaningful occupational involvement.
An integral part of establishing occupational significance through structuring purposeful vocation and nurturing individual creativity.
Tactics include: contextualized family to relate the family significance to meaningful participation in an individual's occupation; minority involvement to assure that all minorities are fully included in worldwide occupational servanthood; engaging elders to establish them as significant members of the occupation pool; re-appropriate heritage to integrate the diverse social group heritages into mankind's overall self portrait; and re-image it to redefine culture as a greatly varied human invention in which all variations have equal value. An example is the effect the black revolution has had on giving this minority significance and the right to meaningful involvement by demanding that black heritage and culture be integrated into a restructured culture and occupational pool.
Type Classification:
D: Detailed strategies