Maintaining internet archives

Creating electronic archives
Preserving digital heritage
Among the many issues surrounding digital publications, their preservation is becoming increasingly urgent. Libraries, especially at the national level, have a key role to play in ensuring that the world's digital heritage is properly preserved so that it remains available for future generations.

Concern has been growing that much digital material has already been lost, because no attempt has been made to preserve it. In many countries there are long-established arrangements to preserve print materials for future generations. But this is often not the case for digital information. As a result, many electronic publications will not be preserved unless specific steps are taken to ensure their survival.

Agreement on the archiving and preserving of digital information has been reached by an international group of librarians and book and journal publishers. The statement, entitled "Preserving the Memory of the World in Perpetuity" commits the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA) and the International Publishers Association (IPA) to work together on joint initiatives to study the technical, economic and policy issues surrounding digital preservation.
At a time where digital information is growing exponentially, and increasingly has no print equivalent, it is of fundamental importance that publishers and librarians join forces to encourage the development and implementation of appropriate systems and research for the long-term archiving and preservation of electronic information.
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