Recreating communal mythology

Recreating communal myths
To redefine community life and enable all citizens to see their participation as utterly crucial to achieve the common goal. The catalytic effect is that the community will begin to agree upon and assign its roles, and through its community story will see itself as engaged in the human process of becoming a community and striving for a common goal in a global context.
An integral aspect of recreating human mythology to enable local man to create a new self story, seeing himself in his local situation as a global person with a covenantal relationship to life.
Tactics include: structural discipline to provide models of internal discipline which would be crucial to redefining community life; communal goals to stress the ideological vision which is the basis of community; inclusive commonwealth to stress the universality of man's potential for participation in local polity and social dynamics; communal roles to project a renewed significance to man's participation in every social arena; and life style to become the model which enables local man to be intentional about his decisions. An example is the transformation in China that has occurred since Mao formed a communal myth which took a disrelated and collapsed nation and created a powerful national with a common thrust in discipline, life-style and mission.
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