Using part-time employees

Employing part-time workers
By making use of part-time work the employer can cushion peaks in demand, extend the working time and raise productivity, and shorten the working time for some specific jobs.
Counter Claim:
Some variations on part-time work are so unfavourable to the workers that trade unions have combatted them strongly. This is the case for: 1. Contracts that provide only a minimum and a maximum working time; 2. Summons contracts that provide for a weekly working time between zero and forty hours; 3. Some other sophisticated forms of variable part-time regulations, such as contracts that guarantee a minimum annual employment or an average weekly working time, and which stipulate in addition that both the work timetable and the working time can vary (both daily and weekly) but that the monthly wages are fixed. Such contracts usually link maximum flexibility for employers with awful wage and working conditions.
Working part-time
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GOAL 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth