Declaring each individual's intention

Assuring that reports, information, suggestions and effective accountability, initiating from concrete political experience of the individual are channelled into the creation and continuation of legislation. The effect is that when the individual's voice is publicly and effectively involved in the legislative process it will reveal the potential for employing grassroots intuition in the total social process.
An integral part of re-aligning grassroots pressure by enabling the individual to be a powerful and effective participant in the political process.
Tactics include: polity participation to delineate the practical criteria necessary for full participation of the individual in the polity process; influencing legislators to ensure the input of creative insights from the individual to the legislators; prioritized and actuating legislation according to priorities set by the constituents; ensuring legislative accountability to publically remind the legislator of his responsibility to honour the political prowess of the people in local situations; constituency action to provide opportunities for the individual to externalize in practical political roles his internal decisions about what needs to happen on the local, area, or global level.
Aptitude is secondary, difficulty is secondary; only what you want is primary. Set a goal you want to achieve; don't choose a goal because it's achievable. Having a goal is powerful: your life begins automatically to organize itself in that direction; your energy can move toward achieving rather than circle around wishing. The journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step, but that first step is not made by the feet: it's made by the mind and it's called intention.
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