Prioritizing needed resources

Dealing with human needs rather than profit accumulation. The effect is using resources to enliven humanity.
An integral part of releasing human ingenuity to fulfil global needs and demands while allowing the individual to develop his own potential.
Tactics include: existing trends to research and analyse the areas of human need and determine the present state of resource distribution; futuric model to create a comprehensive practical vision of future trends in appropriating resources to anticipate and fulfil human needs; resource grid to hold the information of all the available resources where they are located and how readily they are available; human requirements intended to determine global needs, and to hold that as the primary value in prioritizing resource use; and time design to rationally set pace to, and create a long time timeline of resource appropriation and utilization while at the same time remaining radically flexible. An example is the storing and waste of globally needed grain for the sake of national economy which is contradicting the intent.
Resources Resources
Type Classification:
D: Detailed strategies
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GOAL 7: Affordable and Clean Energy