Symbolizing inherent unity

Revitalizing symbols of community unity; the effect is to awaken community life to a common global mission and to embody this in new poetry and images.
An integral part of interpreting unlimited responsibility to provide common symbols and perspectives for individuals to act out their lives in a comprehensive context of responsible global stewardship.
Tactics include: communal activity to create a unified group of people by focusing their individual actions into a common direction; a concerted campaign of projecting images of common universal citizenship; family structure to ground global style and symbol in family life; wisdom to bring the community together by eliciting and sharing their knowledge; and vocational glorification to ground and celebrate individual roles as being valuable to the well-being of the total community. An example would be a community symbol which includes the globe within its design and thus consistently impacts each member of the community with his global citizenship and responsibility.
Type Classification:
C: Cross-sectoral strategies