Recontextualizing occupational decisions

Occasioning a shift from individualistic occupational motivations to vocational significance related to global need. The catalytic effect will be a new motivation against the primary economic contradiction toward rebalancing the production tyrant.
An integral part of recasting productive engagement to affect production which is equitable in terms of global needs and creative employment of human energies.
Tactics include: selfhood image to construct the self story that engages the individual in contracting, evaluating, planning and vision building in the occupations of the productive process; global servanthood to recast human expenditure as responding to global needs through productive engagement; vocational station to re-image a particular occupational assignment as placing a depth claim upon one's creative expenditure in the production processes; guild engagement to establish a structure in which the regrounded vocational decision can be occasioned and sustained in a corporate setting; and symbolic frame to reground occupational decisions by setting the priorities which order the time and design of the task in a corporate setting and ritualize and celebrate that expenditure in view of the global need for human expenditure. An example is the decision of a food processor to produce low-cost nutrients for mass consumption instead of high-cost luxury or non-nutritive junk foods.
Social Activity Occupation
Type Classification:
D: Detailed strategies