Empowering family units

Empowering families
Providing a vehicle for the release of man's consciousness and creativity by engaging all members in a common mission and ordering the dynamics of the family to enable that decision. The effect is to make available a uniquely powerful force to repudiate those modes which perpetuate social imbalance and embody the style which will spark social reconstruction.
An integral part of honouring human creativity through internalizing the individual's self images of uniqueness and enabling him to contribute his wisdom to the corporate journey of mankind.
Tactics include utilizing: intentional symbols to enable the family to rehearse the story of its mission through rites, rituals, songs, and images; spiritual nurturing to bring a new perspective on the mission through trips, extended family relationships, and celebrations and to involve the members more intensely in their task through contextual decor and conversations; structure integration to enable the family to organize its wisdom into consensus, and prioritize tasks in order to act out its mission within the covenant; common mission to enable family units to determine their common ideology; and by developing the tactics and strategies needed to overcome the imbalances they see in social processes.
An empowered family provides security, love, affection, shelter, comfort, stability, self-esteem, education, a sense of responsbility and fulfilment. It also provides the material, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs of its members. Gender equality is of crucial importance for the empowerment of families.
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D: Detailed strategies