Permeating community structures

Providing an individual with the context and structures through which he can engage himself in his covenanted primal unit. The effect would be the renewal of existing structures.
An integral part of empowering individual engagement to broaden the context of decision-making from immediate self-interest to the long-term interest of all.
Tactics include: expanded media to better enable effective individual engagement in the social processes through illuminating man's understanding by world news, creating advertising models, and intentionalizing radio and television programming; sharing resources such as funds, human energy, skills, time, and capital goods; recontextualized vocations to provide a context in which an individual can function as a participating citizen in a global community through a new sense of what it means to pour his life into a vocation; structured responsibility to provide the structural context for responsible engagement through ensuring that the structures themselves are held accountable and establishing guilds within structures to maintain accountability and a common mind; and nurtured family to create a missional family unit able to deal effectively with its own struggles through use of community resources and knowledge. An example of this would be to develop a model for a geo-social analysis for the community that would provide data for what the key areas are.
Society Communities
Type Classification:
D: Detailed strategies
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GOAL 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities