Expanding internal roles

Organizing structures which will set guidelines for the individual roles within the family to allow family members to fully grasp and release their contributions and responsibilities to the global community of which they are a part. The effect is the redefining of individual roles in regard to sexual; corporate and ageing aspects; triggering proposals within individual interpretation, cyclical roles and procreative schemes.
An integral part of redirecting family purpose, building a new internal order and stability and being directed towards engagement in the community outside itself on behalf of everyone.
Tactics include: periodic re-evaluation to review the functions within the family with respect to the carrying out of responsibilities; constitutional foundation to specify the functions of categories (male and female, parent and child) through written operating structures; role assignment to divide chores among family members so as to provide a variety of experiences, disregarding status, and thereby encountering new values and meanings about daily activities; role methodology to provide tools for pulling off the assigned tasks; and role re-imaging is intended to create structures which will change the image of various ways of functioning within society. For example, at a family meeting, where individual plans for the future are drawn together, a corporate time/task model is created.
Expanding social roles
Type Classification:
G: Very Specific strategies