Internalizing interpretive methods

Empowering the family with social and intellectual methods and spirit motivation that they might purposefully participate in life with rational tools. The effect is to equip individuals of the society to function effectively in deliberative systems, intersocial bodies, bureaucratic systems, and especially policy agencies and advisory councils; and it will have impact on meaningful involvement, intentional engagement, reflective conduct, interpretive schemes, ethical relations, and formal methods.
An integral part of redirecting family purpose, building a new internal order and stability and being directed towards engagement in the community outside itself on behalf of everyone.
Tactics include: image explosion to resent a new public model of the family which gives a desire to people everywhere to recreate their own families in a purposeful and universal context; social methods to establish methodological criteria for defining the form and function of the family as a social body in our time, examining both its internal and external life; intellectual methods to create structures for the study life of the family in relation to its own identity and purpose; structured motivation to provide a curriculum which impacts people into envisioning a new possibility for their own family as being mission to the world; and practical consensus to develop a methodology for decision-making within the family which honours the wisdom of each member, and which pushes globality in each decision. An example is a youth grounded in social methods who participates in forging a new policy model for student participation in the university out of experience with workshopping in the family.
Type Classification:
D: Detailed strategies