Assigning guardianship of people

Assigning an individual or institution the responsibility to protect the personal and property rights and interests of children under 15 years of age or adults who have been recognized by a court as incapable, as in cases of mental illness and feeble-mindedness.
Guardianship is instituted in the event of death or illness of parents, in case of deprivation of parental rights or in all other cases where children have been left without care by parents evading their responsibilities.
Guardianship is assigned through a judicial or executive legal act. Such functions as inspecting the living conditions, appropriate searching for guardians, assigning institutions and review of ongoing care are included.
Ensures the physical well-being, education, and preparation for socially useful activity as well as defends individual rights and interests of those unable to assume responsibility for their own protection and that of his/her personal or property rights.
Counter Claim:
The rights of minors and incapacitated adults should be protected by extended families.
Adopting a child
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D: Detailed strategies