Creating local operational agreements for nongovernmental organizations engaged on hazardous duties


All externally supported programmes and projects in hazardous areas, must be approved both locally and at the NGO head office) prior to their implementation. NGOs or UN agencies are responsible for ensuring that such approval is obtained in writing. Project implementation should be based upon a letter of understanding between the agency and local representative parties which defines roles, responsibilities and commitments of all sides plus procedures for resolving differences and grievances.


Local authorities should assume full responsibility for the safety and protection of relief workers in areas under their control. This responsibility includes: i. Providing an immediate alert to relief workers in potentially insecure areas; ii. facilitation of safe relocation when necessary; iii. protection from any form of threat harassment or hostility from any source. Relief staff or agencies are not expected to pay for such protection either of themselves or of their property.

Type Classification:
G: Very Specific strategies