Recontextualizing community roles

Recasting community roles
Awakening in each individual the vision of the gifts that each life phase has to contribute to the community and to the globe. The effect is to enable every person to appropriate his unique social role, within each life-phase, and allow him to engage in authentic humanness.
An integral of intentionalizing generation roles to enable the individual to participate actively in the responsible creation of his life by becoming conscious of the significance of his life phase.
Tactics include: missional priorities to enable each life phase to discern its appropriate role and participation in the community; symbolized mission to provide a vision of ways each phase concretizes its role in the community; formed polity to incorporate the wisdom of the past and focus it on the future, thereby allowing phases to build and maintain appropriate stories in relation to self and community; and vivified gifts to enhance the uniqueness of each life-phase and culture through recognition of seminal cultures, phase roles, intentional study, and appropriate myths. An example is the role of the elder, who sees himself as impotent in relation to society, given the possibility of re-imaging his role as the story teller; this re-imaged role can be grounded in authentic community relationships.
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Symbolizing community roles
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GOAL 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities