Promoting better business NGO relations

NGOs are a legitimate force in society. Their legitimacy stems from two fundamental rights: the freedom of expression and the right to assemble.
1. There is no doubt that as corporate power continues to grow, the number of NGOs will also grow, providing a necessary counterweight to business interests. In a best-case scenario, questions of legitimacy and accountability will eventually be settled and more constructive partnerships between business and NGOs will develop.

2. Nick Rosa, Senior Vice-President of the Monsanto Company in the USA, believes that business has a cyclical reaction to NGOs. They are first ignored, then despised, then reluctantly listened to, before, finally, businesses listen actively to NGOs and heed their messages.

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E: Emanations of other strategies
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GOAL 12: Responsible Consumption and ProductionGOAL 17: Partnerships to achieve the Goal