Revising individual spending

Re-imaging local man's spending and buying habits, thus regulating the flow of goods on realistic needs and re-orienting the individual to the global spending context. The effect is a change in market dynamics resulting in a more realistic flow of goods based on actual needs rather than demand on both global and local levels.
An integral part of equitably distributing goods through globally coordinated commodity exchange.
Tactics include: utilized media to enable an individual to order his spending out of a context of 'What's best for all men'; family expenditures to shift family budgeting patterns through a frontal attack on family images; equalized limits to actually limit or penalize expenditures in critical areas; global view to impact the individual with global images from the cradle to the grave; and re-imaged credit to empower everyone man across the globe to participate most effectively in the global economy. An example is a lettuce or artificial infant formula boycott; or an individual realizing he doesn't need two cars and a colour TV when people in India are starving.
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D: Detailed strategies