Advancing linguistics

Raising language awareness
International Society of Applied Psycholinguistics
International Federation for the Protection of the Rights of Ethnic, Religious, Linguistic and Other Minorities
International Linguistic Association
Conseil international de réflexion et d'expertise en linguistique fondamentale appliquée
Linguistic Society of Europe
International Clinical Phonetics and Linguistics Association
Association for Computational Linguistics
Inter-American Program for Linguistics and Language Teaching
International Cognitive Linguistics Association
International Quantitative Linguistics Association
European Chapter of the Association for Computational Linguistics
Association for Linguistic Typology
Association for Literary and Linguistic Computing
International Academy of Linguistic Law
Centre for Linguistic and Historical Studies by Oral Tradition
International Committee on Computational Linguistics
International Systemic Functional Linguistics Association
Contrastive Linguistics and Language Typology in Europe
Nordic Computational Linguistics Network
International Society for Historical Linguistics
International Linguistics Institute, Tunis
Linguistic Association of Canada and the United States
International Centre for Semiotics and Linguistics
European Institute of Applied Linguistics
Dravidian Linguistics Association
Southern African Applied Linguistics Association
Standing Committee of European National Groups and Linguistic Minorities
NORDMÃ…L - Action Plan for Linguistic Cooperation
ESF Network on Intersign - Sign Linguistics and Data Exchange
Linguistic Institute for International Communication
International Linguistics Institute, Damascus
North American Association of Neuro-Linguistic Programming
International Society on Italian Linguistics and Philology
Research and Action Group on Romani Linguistics
International Linguistics Center, Dallas
South East Asian Linguistics Society
International Computer Archive of Modern and Mediaeval English
International Conference on Linguistics and Nordic Languages
International Association of Linguistic Sound Recording
Language Linguistics
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