Resisting the marketing of amoral issues by media

Opposing immoral publications
Media organizations may market and cash in on artists whose work glorifies violence, brutality, and demeans or expresses hate of groups of people such as gays, women, and law enforcement. Such corporate activity may be regarded as socially irresponsible and "culturally polluting" the minds of the recipients of such media output. In these instances, the media could be made more socially accountable and responsible. Failing this option, a case for media censorship may be put forward.
A major media corporation in the USA has been branded and targeted as marketing socially unacceptable music. The company has faced a public and political backlash campaign.
Counter Claim:
Vulgar and offensive art, such as in the form of music lyrics, are the price society pays for freedom of expression.

What is amoral or immoral for one person can be perfectly acceptable for another. Exactly the same applies to cultures.

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F: Exceptional strategies
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