Developing information sharing to prevent cyber attacks

Exchanging information to prevent computer attacks
Developing the information sharing and coordination capabilities needed to effectively deal with computer threats and actual incidents.

Data on possible threats- ranging from viruses, to hoaxes, to random threats, to news events, and computer intrusions- must be continually collected and analyzed from a wide spectrum of globally distributed sources. Once an imminent threat is identified, appropriate warnings and response actions must be effectively coordinated among government agencies, the private sector, and other nations. It is important that this function be carried out as effectively, efficiently, and quickly as possible in order to ensure continuity of operations as well as minimize disruptions.

It is not possible to build an overall, comprehensive picture of activity on the global information infrastructure. Networks themselves are too big, they are growing too quickly, and they are continually being reconfigured and reengineered. As a result, it is essential that strong partnerships be developed between a wide range of stakeholders in order to ensure that the right data are at the right place at the right time.
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E: Emanations of other strategies