Recontextualizing occupational arenas

Expanding the context of the working man with global images; through the media and other forms of international orientation, by local vocational guilds of trained people who impact occupational arenas thereby enabling the working man to re-image his job and participate in the decision making.
An integral part of recreating human mythology to enable local man to create a new self story, seeing himself in his local situation as a global person with a covenantal relationship to life.
Tactics include: re-image jobs to teach and describe to each individual that his job is as significant as any other's; consensus method to teach every worker how to participate in the decisions concerning his occupational arena; deparochialized media to represent every culture's art forms and news in every other culture in order to relate each job to the globe; international orientation to structure a means for every man in every occupation to live and to study in another culture; and occupation guild to be a group of trained leaders researching the latest data in their field and planning the future in relation to this data. An example would be a guild responsible for impacting a whole business with such things as vocational courses, conversations and methodology for consensus decision-making, in order that all the people in the concern would be able to participate fully in decision-making with a global image.
Social Activity Occupation
Type Classification:
D: Detailed strategies