Embodying community values

During 1997, a number of village communities in Africa, Asia, and Latin American were invited to help develop a list of values, principles, and ideals that they would like to see established in their own communities. The following is the preliminary outcome. [A Village Peasant's Declaration of Hope: 10 Commitments For A Better Life]< I will encourage: 1) Discipline to improve myself by being more consistent and responsible in my own personal behaviour. 2) Hard Work to improve my family by being more dedicated to meet the economic, social, and cultural needs of my family. 3) Unity to improve my neighbourhood by being more willing to help my friends and neighbours to succeed in their lives. 4) Courage to improve my area of activity by being more willing to try things that can expand and enrich our lives. 5) Cooperation to strengthen my community by being more aware of opportunities to uplift, enrich and improve the quality of our lives.

I will discourage: 6) All forms of dependency that cause increased poverty and personal degradation, such as child marriages and excessive dowries, drunkenness, gambling, and drug use, and prostitution and family abuse 7) All forms of violence, brutality and injury that cause physical or emotional distress, harm, pain or death. 8) All forms of dishonesty and corruption that cause loss of personal, family and community resources. 9) All forms of jealousy, intolerance, unkindness and criticism that cause social divisions and community conflict) 10) All forms of injustice and exploitation that keep our community poor and disadvantaged.

Society is a community of individuals and so its condition depends on that of the individuals of which it is comprised. A commitment to the betterment of the self is also a commitment -- and possibly the most meaningful commitment that can be made -- to the betterment of a society as a whole. Likewise, actions that benefit others will also bring benefit to the self.
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