Redesigning ritual forms

Restructuring ritual techniques in the context of celebrational tools. The effect is to enable man to realize his own usage of rituals as significant happenings.
An integral part of remodelling celebrational life to give ultimate significance to the life of every individual.
Tactics include: spirit methods to secularly illuminate an individual's significant happenings emphasizing the power in ritual forms; local adaptation to use informal, imaginal nurturing in order that rituals may be implemented; model interchange to be the practical enablement model of rituals by producing and distributing globally helpful and meaningful rites of a particular group of people; and rites research to study other cultures and traditions to inform and enable our own understanding and usage of rituals. An example is structuring a community weekend celebration once a month to celebrate its life happenings such as birth, marriage and death.
Religious Practice Rituals
Type Classification:
D: Detailed strategies