Encouraging astronomical research

Supporting astrophysical studies
Studying space weather
Federation of Astronomical and Geophysical Data Analysis Services
International Astronomical Union
European Astronomical Society
European Organization for Astronomical Research in the Southern hemisphere
Euro-Asian Astronomical Society
European Association for Astronomy Education
Ibero-American Astronomy League
Universities Space Research Association
International Union of Amateur Astronomers
Central Bureau for Astronomical Telegrams
Strasbourg Astronomical Data Centre
IAU Commission on Astronomical Instruments and Techniques
IAU Commission on Astrometry
URSI Commission on Radio Astronomy
IAU Commission on History of Astronomy
IAU Commission on Documentation and Astronomical Data
Scientific Committee on Frequency Allocations for Radio Astronomy and Space Science
Joint Institute for VLBI in Europe
IAU Commission on Astronomy Education and Development
IAU Commission on Exchange of Astronomers
Webb Society
IAU Commission on Space and High Energy Astrophysics
Astronomical Society of the Pacific
Community of European Solar Radio Astronomers
World Amateur Radio Astronomers League
European Pulsar Network
Gemini Observatory
AstroWeb Consortium
Virgo Consortium for Cosmological Supercomputer Simulations
Consortium for European Research on Extragalactic Surveys
Global Network of Astronomical Telescopes
Students for the Exploration and Development of Space
European Cosmology Network
Central American Association of Astronomers and Astrophysicists
Inter-African Astronomical Observatory and Science Park, Namibia
World-Wide Network of Small Astronomical Telescopes
ESF Committee on Radio Astronomy Frequencies
IAU Division X Commission 40 Radio Astronomy
Astronomical Society of Southern Africa
European Association of Research in Astronomy
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G: Very Specific strategies
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GOAL 4: Quality Education