Actively seeks to provide aid and assistance to others who are in need. While this role is often played by persons of substantial means who channel their aid through formal channels, such as a foundation or charitable trust, it is also manifest in anyone who willingly offers assistance to another as a regular practice in their life. The philanthropist often looks upon his assistance as an investment in a better future by offering an opportunity to others to overcome an adversity or to develop themselves. It may take the form of direct aid, as to the hungry or those involved in a disaster, or it may be aimed at meeting a long-term need, such as a scholarship to complete a course of study. The practice of philanthropy is found in many societies, though it is more common in Western capitalism, where people who have achieved material success can seek recognition or satisfaction in helping others. In some cultures philanthropy is seen as a way to accrue the favour of the gods, presumably to result in a reward in the next life. For whatever reason philanthropists act, they perform a valuable role in society, especially in situations where the structures of care do not cover the needs of everyone. By seeking out those in need, the philanthropist allows many who are unable to get help from any other source to continue their growth.
Type Classification:
R: Strategy roles