Using syntegrity method of meeting

Using syntegration process
In 1993, the World Government of World Citizens launched the World Syntegrity Project. The project addresses the question: "How can we, sovereign world citizens, govern our world?" A "syntegration" (synergy and integration) allows 30 people to get together in a way that equalizes and optimizes their participation; it is the means for people to participated in a dynamic global experience of governorship in a non-hierarchical format. During the process of a Syntegration, the 30 players become a self-conscious group whose mutual understanding can extend well beyond the limits of the Syntegration itself. For the opening session, there is free-for-all discussion; for the subsequent sessions, each person has to play the role of critic or devil's advocate for two topics. Each of the twelve topics has a team of five discussants and five critics. There are also opportunities for "reverberation", where information and insights travel from one topic to another. The Syntegration process has four main objectives: (a) To bring together 30 people who will choose their own agenda for discussing a chosen subject; (b) to have them organize themselves to discuss the chosen topic within a structured process; (c) to expand thinking in new direction; (d) to pool the collective expertise of participants to reach conclusion in the form of an action plan or information that will be the basis for future directions and actions.
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