Implementing creative childcare structures

For parents who work, and in particular women who want to return to work, the availability of suitable childcare facilities is an issue. Finding someone, or somewhere, that provides the right environment, in the right place, at the right time and for the right cost can present major difficulties. Childcare for working parents is a requirement that arises not only when a parent who has been looking after a young child decides to return to work, but on other occasional, for instance when employees move home, when their hours of employment change or when an existing facility or carer becomes unavailable.
Employers who can provide childcare assistance or structures reap the rewards of (a) being able to attract and retain working parents, and especially working mothers; (b) increased loyalty from all employees, including fathers whose partner may work or wish to work, (c) younger staff, who will be encouraged to stay because they can see that their employers is committed to its staff.
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