Landfilling wastes

Disposing of waste in the ground
Landfill is the oldest and the most widely practised method of disposing of solid waste. Properly constructed and operated landfill sites offer a completely safe disposal route for municipal solid wastes, typically at the lowest cost compared to other disposal options. It is not necessary on health or environmental grounds to invest in other disposal methods if suitable sites are available for landfills. Uncontrolled dumping of waste, which does not protect the local environment, however, should be replaced as soon as possible with controlled sanitary landfilling or other treatment and disposal methods. Most alternative waste treatment and disposal options, such as recycling or incineration, rely on landfill for the disposal of wastes that are unsuited to the process, as well as for the process residues. Some landfill capacity is therefore indispensable for every region, and will continue to be necessary in the foreseeable future, despite any technological advances which may be made.
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