Condemning sadism
Condemning elitism
Condemning offences
Condemning paganism
Condemning massacres
Condemning treachery
Condemning passivity
Condemning mutilation
Condemning wantonness
Democratizing regimes
Condemning puritanism
Condemning hooliganism
Condemning fornication
Condemning governments
Exposing elitist justice
Condemning wrongful acts
Condemning unnaturalness
Democratizing leadership
Exposing cultural elitism
Condemning elitist sports
Condemning unnatural acts
Condemning ritual killings
Condemning ethnic killings
Democratizing police state
Exposing scientific elitism
Condemning religious errors
Condemning animal mutilation
Condemning sexual mutilation
Exposing educational elitism
Condemning petty regulations
Condemning abortion as murder
Exposing professional elitism
Condemning military brutality
Condemning influence peddling
Reducing acceptance of violence
Condemning spiritual mutilation
Respecting democratic processes
Exposing undemocratic pressures
Condemning slaughter of animals
Raising issues of animal welfare
Condemning perversion of justice
Condemning government insincerity
Condemning elitist ruling classes
Condemning capitalist speculation
Condemning unrepentant governments
Creating global local polity models
Condemning unnatural performing arts
Democratizing political organization
Condemning torture through mutilation
Exposing elitism in communist systems
Condemning undemocratic organizations
Condemning undemocratic policy-making
Discrediting untrustworthy politicians
Condemning elitist control of production
Condemning elitist public honour systems
Democratizing national political systems
Creating representative electoral systems
Condemning physical discipline of children
Seeking condemnation through UN resolutions
Condemning cosmetic mutilation of pet animals
Condemning traditional elitist land ownership
Condemning sexual infidelity of government rulers
Condemning government support for undemocratic regimes
Condemning mutilation and deformation of the human body
Exposing effective negative loans from development banks to developing countries
Law Tribunals, courts
Type Classification:
F: Exceptional strategies
Related UN Sustainable Development Goals:
GOAL 16: Peace and Justice Strong Institutions