Integrating vision methodology

Awakening responsible power by means of practical actions of the global stance. The effect is that of concretizing the global vision through specific community activities.
An integral part of awakening global individuals to assume global responsibility by creating structures for catalyzing community consensus to which each individual is accountable.
Tactics include: data profile to systemize and distribute information that will impact the local populace; geo-social grid to delineate the world into manageable-sized units and the researching of problems to facilitate assigning realistic timelines for tactical actions; story creation to re-image the individual's self-understanding relative to his responsibility for the world; and signal action to raise up a signpost which to see that his energy can be expended in a meaningful way. An example of this would be a community celebration at which a huge global grid was created on a billboard, geographically locating the community geographically in relation to the whole world.
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Formulating methodology
Science Methodologies
Type Classification:
D: Detailed strategies