Promoting communitarianism

Communitarianism advocates a social order in which the community identifies the common good and encourages its members to work towards it. Communitarianism does not accept economic explanations for unacceptable behaviour. The central communitarianism insight in economic affairs is that in order to achieve balanced sustainable economic successes, higher priority must be given to community relationships for their own sake.
If all people were responsible, society would need far fewer "controlling" institutions and rules than at present, and would tolerate a far greater deal of individualism. But our society is infected by numerous detrimental abuses of unbridled individualism and freedom, abuses such as greed and corruption, selfishness and violence, so that the level of individualism that many seek is in reality not a rational option. When opted anyway, we reflect an unacceptable detriment that over-obsessive-individual-rights-based cultures cause our society, and our own immaturity in freedom. These symptoms are staring us in the face everyday. The world is still looking for its answers, particularly during the shared sense of confusion of the post-Cold War era. The confusion exists in good measure as a result of the hard learned failings of fascism, communism, libertarianism, or any other failed socially engineered plan. All three "isms" fall short of a "sustainable mix" of morals, community spirit, and fundamental freedoms.
Communication Promotion
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D: Detailed strategies