Integrating women
Integrating trade
Integrating youth
Integrating credit
Integrating sports
Integrating systems
Integrating culture
Integrating manpower
Integrating students
Integrating research
Integrating districts
Integrating education
Integrating strategies
Integrating expatriates
Integrating development
Integrating young people
Integrating institutions
Integrating toy industries
Integrating cultural gifts
Coordinating policy-making
Integrating risk assessment
Integrating social policies
Integrating crop management
Integrating decision-making
Integrating decision-making
Integrating ethical contexts
Integrating religious beliefs
Integrating human personality
Integrating communist parties
Integrating micro economic data
Integrating marketing practices
Reducing segregation in housing
Integrating health care services
Integrating academic disciplines
Integrating industrial investment
Integrating international economy
Integrating international politics
Reducing segregation in employment
Integrating science and development
Integrating broadband communication
Integrating contemporary life-styles
Integrating data processing equipment
Integrating technological development
Integrating problem-solving approaches
Reducing segregation of interest groups
Integrating marine monitoring programmes
Fostering integrated maritime development
Integrating into the international market
Integrating traditional and new technologies
Protecting groups and people with special needs
Integrating research programmes on conservation
Integrating different religions
Integrating environment and development in decision-making
Integrating knowledge to empower humanity to act on problems
Integrating freshwater supply measures with conservation programmes
Integrating environment and development in national programs to implement Agenda 21
Integrating sciences relevant to the environment at all political and geographic levels
Integrating environmental codes and practice into business planning and decision-making
Integrating environmental codes and practice into business planning and decision-making
Type Classification:
A: Abstract fundamental strategies