Celebrating sacraments
Enacting a symbolic religious ceremony usually to mark important biological, developmental, or social transition points in a persons' life. Traditionally these points have been birth, circumcision, menstruation, ability to bear arms for hunting or warfare, betrothal, marriage, parturition, menopause, elderhood, and death (all relating to physical life). In addition, there are sacraments of investiture in office (inaugurations) and sacraments of faith such as baptism, confirmation, communion, and remission of sin, as well as of religious offices (Holy Orders, ecclesiastical elevation to bishoprics, etc). Other sacramental religious rites, which are diametrically opposed, are those blessing the taking of animal or human life (as in Holy Wars) and those concerned with healing and peace.
Counter Claim:
Sacraments are meaningless rites for contemporary people in a secular world.
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