Correcting mistakes
Correcting language
Improving digestion
Improving conditions
Correcting disorders
Correcting inaccuracy
Reducing imperfection
Correcting warpedness
Correcting infertility
Correcting information
Correcting gender bias
Correcting mismanagement
Reversing forest decline
Correcting misperceptions
Correcting mood disorders
Correcting self disorders
Correcting teeth disorders
Correcting police attitudes
Changing unhygienic clothing
Correcting glandular disorder
Correcting physical disorders
Correcting disorderly conduct
Correcting unhealthy sanitation practices
Correcting pregnancy disorders
Correcting unhealthy behaviour
Correcting legal interpretation
Correcting metabolism disorders
Correcting intestinal disorders
Correcting personality disorders
Correcting inheritable disorders
Correcting bias in policy making
Correcting inaccurate forecasting
Correcting human sexual disorders
Correcting political mismanagement
Correcting psychosomatic disorders
Correcting mismanagement of forests
Correcting mismanagement of prisons
Correcting nutritional deficiencies
Correcting mismanagement of property
Correcting mismanagement in industry
Correcting mismanagement of research
Correcting agricultural mismanagement
Correcting mismanagement of the media
Correcting mismanagement by employers
Correcting gastrointestinal disorders
Minimizing developmental disabilities
Correcting habit of creating problems
Correcting unhealthy physical posture
Correcting institutional mismanagement
Correcting defective land use planning
Correcting inaccurate youth stereotypes
Correcting obsessive-compulsive disorder
Correcting non-aptitude relational disorder
Correcting central nervous system disorders
Correcting metabolic disturbances in animals
Correcting unhealthy catering establishments
Correcting inaccurate economic growth measures
Correcting disorders of the reproductive system
Correcting biased and inaccurate biology textbooks
Correcting biased and inaccurate geography textbooks
Correcting intergovernmental organization mismanagement
Correcting unhealthy emotional responses to atomic energy
Correcting mistaken identification of government with people
Integrating knowledge to empower humanity to act on problems
Correcting children's misapprehension of reality in the media
Providing sufficient daily physical activity in urban environments
Type Classification:
A: Abstract fundamental strategies