Managing migratory geese

The presence of geese is always going to be a constant factor at many lakes and ponds, but there are a few things that may help in reducing their numbers. Never feed the geese or do anything that might influence their normal migratory patterns. This may sound simple, but there will always be someone who is tempted to provide for the migrating flocks. Not only does this change the natural behavior of the geese, but may influence their normal migratory course. The installation of goose fencing is recommended to keep the geese off of the cut grass areas. Adequate goose fencing irritates the geese by preventing their easy access to grass areas from the water. One simple type of fencing consists of stakes placed approximately 30 feet apart and two tiers of taut line (chalk line or similar twine) run between them. The bottom line should be approximately 4 to 5 inches off the ground with the second line approximately 5 inches about that. The fencing should be placed right on the shore/water interface and should not allow access from around the ends if possible. Heavily vegetated shores are difficult to fence, but as geese prefer the short vegetation for grazing and the ease of predator detection, this is not so much a problem. Dogs are a fairly good deterrent.
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