Money laundering

Legitimizing illegal fund transfers
Between $500 billion and $1.5 trillion (or 5% of gross world product) may be laundered every year, according to the International Monetary Fund.

The most popular sectors for laundering money are import-export companies, restaurants and hotels, retail shops and road transport, and on a larger scale, the property market and construction industry. One favourite method is to use legitimate companies. A reputable but struggling firm that needs a capital injection may be made an offer it cannot refuse. In return for controlling interest or the implanting of a stooge as manager, a gang will bail the company out, gain effective control and trade on the reputation and goodwill the company has built up.

1. In a world where life is getting increasingly difficult for money launderers, Asia is providing a breathing space. Liberal banking and currency rules and huge money movements due to the region's economic boom make Asia an attractive place to wash dirty cash.
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Money laundering
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