Providing marriage dowry

Providing dowry
Many Gypsies still maintain the institution of bride price (darro or dowry), a payment made by the family of the groom to the family of the bride. It compensates them for the loss of a daughter and guarantees that she will be treated well. For many Roma tribes it is the parents, and not the young people, who arrange the marriage. According to these tribes, it is an essential and important duty of the parents to find a bride suitable for their son. The prospective brides are judged on their merits, such as health, stamina, strength, dispositions, manners, and domestic skills. The character of the girl's family, as well as their prestige in the community, is also taken into account. In these cases, no courtship is involved. It is possible that the prospective couple will hardly know each other before they marry. There are prolonged discussions between the parents, particularly over the amount of the bride price.
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