Enabling clubs
Enabling celebrations
Allowing ethical decay
Enabling communication
Enabling home ownership
Enabling depth awareness
Enabling cultural exposure
Enabling social objectivity
Enabling community response
Enabling judicial consensus
Enabling farm animal health
Enabling trading cooperation
Enabling local tax provision
Enabling recreation activity
Establishing skills exchanges
Funding employees' sabbatical
Reviving economic servanthood
Freeing people to participate
Enabling service satisfaction
Creating new job possibilities
Enabling methodological skills
Enabling common health methods
Enabling effective leisure use
Enabling private sector lending
Supporting corrective penalties
Enabling orderly physical space
Enabling early learning process
Enabling new work opportunities
Enabling programme satisfaction
Enabling regular outside contact
Enabling extended personal loans
Enabling immediate repair access
Enabling grassroots effectiveness
Enabling participatory regulation
Enabling judicatory participation
Enabling ongoing focused exchange
Enabling special corporate events
Building parent/child involvement
Enabling modern marketing prowess
Enabling interregional cooperation
Structuring viable joint financing
Enabling family hygienic awareness
Enabling secondary leaders ability
Enabling informal language lessons
Enabling group clothing production
Enabling varied advanced education
Enabling multiple media utilization
Enabling creative social engagement
Enabling wide service opportunities
Enabling positive working relations
Enabling outside recreational trips
Enabling total children's enrolment
Enabling closer monetary cooperation
Allowing independent decision-making
Enabling special outreach activities
Enabling formal education completion
Enabling maximum possible production
Establishing planning administration
Enabling integrated agenda processes
Enabling increased market complexity
Enabling local control of mass media
Encouraging improved personal hygiene
Promoting improved hygiene techniques
Enabling inclusive long-range efforts
Enabling effective community function
Enabling thorough preventive measures
Enabling optimum individual attention
Enabling ordered commercial operation
Enabling continuous multiple harvests
Enabling maximum financial flexibility
Enabling maximum financial flexibility
Enabling international cultural centers
Enabling cooperative business transfers
Enabling discarded materials collection
Enabling complex bureaucratic procedures
Allowing restructuring of social relations
Enabling common understanding of social rules
Enabling decision-making process to guide politics
Enabling society to participate in communal belief
Enabling continued operation through management of surplus income
Type Classification:
A: Abstract fundamental strategies