Exposing scandal
Using torture
Exposing cults
Exposing heresy
Exposing secrecy
Exposing phoneys
Uncovering skills
Exposing to noise
Exposing snobbery
Exposing nepotism
Exposing hypocrisy
Condemning elitism
Exposing pettiness
Exposing censorship
Exposing ineptitude
Exposing to weather
Exposing dishonesty
Exposing perversion
Exposing key issues
Uncovering treachery
Exposing secret laws
Exposing sex scandal
Identifying local needs
Exposing false claims
Exposing to radiation
Democratizing regimes
Exposing tastelessness
Exposing secret armies
Exposing stock scandal
Uncovering false fronts
Exposing religious lies
Exposing army brutality
Exposing royal scandals
Exposing pseudo-science
Condemning wrongful acts
Democratizing leadership
Exposing prison scandals
Exposing social conflict
Exposing military secrecy
Exposing secret societies
Exposing secret diplomacy
Exposing academic scandal
Exposing housing scandals
Exposing medical quackery
Exposing pseudo-socialism
Exposing social parasites
Highlighting bad arguments
Exposing underground press
Democratizing police state
Exposing religious secrecy
Exposing political scandal
Exposing religious scandal
Exposing financial scandal
Exposing human sensitivity
Uncovering service benefits
Uncovering theatrical power
Exposing professional lying
Exposing education scandals
Uncovering cultural heritage
Exposing underground economy
Exposing consulting scandals
Exposing historical scandals
Uncovering fallacies of logic
Exposing government treachery
Exposing secret investigation
Exposing secret policy-making
Exposing development scandals
Exposing nutritional quackery
Exposing political favouritism
Exposing government dishonesty
Exposing vindictive litigation
Exposing secret public records
Revealing inter-cultural gifts
Uncovering organizational fraud
Uncovering false qualifications
Respecting democratic processes
Exposing bureaucratic cover-ups
Exposing religious vilification
Exposing political vilification
Exposing undemocratic pressures
Exposing existing consciousness
Exposing irrelevant institutions
Exposing intellectual dishonesty
Exposing scandal in the military
Exposing communications scandals
Uncovering commercial favouritism
Exposing irrelevant social values
Exposing underground baby-trading
Exposing coded secret information
Exposing abuse of banking secrecy
Exposing local government scandal
Exposing useless outmoded methods
Uncovering legislative favouritism
Exposing bureaucratic inefficiency
Exposing violations of private law
Exposing building project scandals
Uncovering early education benefits
Exposing violation of property rights
Condemning undemocratic organizations
Exposing violation of regulatory codes
Exposing violation of student's rights
Exposing underground sabotage networks
Exposing secrecy in scientific research
Uncovering previously unknown procedures
Exposing violation of trade union rights
Exposing secrecy over religious material
Exposing secret international agreements
Exposing scandal in the legal profession
Exposing inadequacy of interior montages
Exposing dishonest personal relationships
Exposing abuse of bureaucratic procedures
Exposing violation of political processes
Uncovering falsification of public records
Uncovering previously unknown crop dangers
Uncovering police falsification of evidence
Exposing violation of right of legal review
Exposing secret government agency agreements
Exposing irrelevance of educational curricula
Exposing secrecy of medical facts and records
Exposing secrecy in the nuclear power industry
Exposing violation of the integrity of creation
Exposing research sponsored by vested interests
Uncovering fallacies about ecosystemic processes
Exposing violation of entrepreneurial activities
Uncovering falsification of programme evaluations
Exposing covert cooperation among secret services
Exposing violation of rights of indigenous peoples
Uncovering falsification of scientific test results
Exposing dishonesty of international civil servants
Exposing secrecy in international development banks
Uncovering covert violation of international treaties
Uncovering linkages among international organizations
Exposing physical brutality in special care hospitals
Exposing violation of rights under state of emergency
Exposing securities and commodities exchange violations
Exposing violation of the rights of mentally-ill persons
Exposing violations against firearms and explosives laws
Exposing public subsidization of environmental pollution
Exposing limitations of methods for resource utilization
Exposing government secrecy over harmful scientific activity
Exposing crimes committed in hospitals and health care facilities
Exposing differences in theoretical systems of economic development
Exposing negative net transfer of financial resources from countries
Exposing effective negative loans from development banks to developing countries
Exposing secrecy concerning existence of extraterrestrials
Type Classification:
A: Abstract fundamental strategies