Strictly, facilitation refers to the property of certain types of process whereby they promote their own repetition. This property is a common factor in some systems, underlying both the process of identical multiplication and of adaptive modification. The notion of enabling continuance of a process, concept or thing through its reproduction (identical or modified), or next steps, or adaptive advancement is the more commonly used meaning of facilitating. It is also used more loosely to mean "supporting something to happen or develop".
Settling disputes
Promoting dialogue
Improving lobbying
Exchanging teachers
Facilitating change
Facilitating freedom
Facilitating payments
Facilitating exchange
Facilitating research
Facilitating meetings
Facilitating councils
Focusing on wholeness
Modifying earth systems
Facilitating cooperation
Facilitating transitions
Promoting business growth
Facilitating social growth
Facilitating communication
Enabling recreation activity
Facilitating educational work
Facilitating trade procedures
Facilitating local life style
Providing technical assistance
Facilitating economic activity
Facilitating exchange of staff
Supporting economic development
Facilitating closer cooperation
Facilitating business relations
Encouraging human relationships
Facilitating good buying prices
Promoting contacts among lawyers
Facilitating job search mobility
Facilitating international travel
Facilitating human exceptionalism
Facilitating socio-economic growth
Facilitating business opportunities
Facilitating depth career programme
Facilitating exchange of information
Facilitating interaction among women
Facilitating earning graduate status
Facilitating mobility among villages
Facilitating essential citizen health
Facilitating contact among researchers
Facilitating secure off-street parking
Facilitating basic educational research
Facilitating individual need fulfilment
Facilitating public speaking programmes
Facilitating international communication
Facilitating educational self-expression
Facilitating continual human development
Facilitating technological communications
Facilitating transfer of transport systems
Facilitating development of new technologies
Facilitating international exchange of goods
Increasing international economic cooperation
Assisting international adoption organizations
Assisting international adoption organizations
Facilitating appropriate business in developing countries
Facilitating international flow of knowledge
Facilitating international information exchanges on urban transportation
Facilitating shift from rural to urban lifestyles and settlement patterns
Networking the environment and development arena
Promoting flow in economic system
Managing land use
Accelerating use of agricultural water use technologies
Creating links among psychotherapists
Type Classification:
A: Abstract fundamental strategies