Preserving face
Preserving hair
Preserving land
Preserving wood
Preserving gods
Using inequality
Preserving skills
Preserving honour
Preserving romance
Preserving respect
Preserving history
Preserving freedom
Preserving pedigree
Preserving children
Preserving heritage
Preserving civility
Preserving evidence
Preserving knowledge
Upholding traditions
Ensuring credibility
Restoring plant cover
Respecting human life
Preserving sacredness
Preserving status quo
Preserving inequality
Preserving information
Preserving self-respect
Promoting chaste living
Preserving sikh religion
Preserving sense of time
Preserving earning power
Preserving superstitions
Using patriarchal system
Representing beer drinkers
Preserving economic assets
Unbalancing strategic arms
Preserving fidelity to God
Preserving musical heritage
Preserving domestic capital
Preserving ethnic diversity
Preserving capacity with age
Preserving income inequality
Preserving racial inequality
Preserving gender inequality
Using unequal representation
Stockpiling nuclear material
Preserving reverence for life
Preserving sibling inequality
Preserving spiritual identity
Preserving natural environment
Preserving scientific heritage
Preserving personal investment
Preserving scientific evidence
Preserving male sexual potency
Preserving community knowledge
Preserving significance of work
Preserving political inequality
Preserving unusual wild produce
Preserving federal state systems
Preserving traditional rivalries
Preserving micro-organic proteins
Preserving family role in society
Preserving parliamentary immunity
Preserving perishable food stuffs
Preserving plant immunity to pests
Preserving inequality in education
Preserving existing plant resources
Preserving international leadership
Preserving inequality in employment
Preserving inequality of bargaining
Preserving collective sense of order
Preserving traditional toilet habits
Preserving internal political borders
Preserving government ability to adapt
Preserving technical skills by society
Preserving conventional dwelling style
Preserving distinction between cultures
Preserving traditional business methods
Preserving inequality of access to water
Preserving inequality of property rights
Preserving inequality between generations
Preserving international market leadership
Preserving sexual inequality in employment
Preserving confidence in government leaders
Preserving original organizational principles
Preserving sexual inequality in job promotion
Preserving inequality of property inheritance
Preserving gender-related inequality in school
Preserving inequality of property distribution
Preserving global inequality of economic growth
Preserving covenantal understanding of sexuality
Preserving dependence on international inequality
Preserving individual from corporate encroachment
Distributing land through customary tenure systems
Preserving humility in relation to the environment
Preserving inequality of parliamentary constituencies
Preserving inequality of distribution of fish catches
Preserving inequality of employment opportunities for women
Preserving inequality of attention to women's health issues
Preserving inequality-inducing effects of communications media
Preserving communal understandings through continuous transfer
Preserving inequality of distribution of agricultural production
Exploiting disparity between industrialized and developing countries
Maintaining disparity between industrialized and developing countries
Requiring religious belief
Improving welfare state
Preserving law and order
Type Classification:
A: Abstract fundamental strategies
Related UN Sustainable Development Goals:
GOAL 15: Life on Land