Promoting social tourism

Developing local recreational travel
Encouraging regional excursions

Travel is beneficial for health and can contribute to a more meaningful, happier and longer life; and it also improves ageing and retiree wellbeing.



The Social Tourism agenda was initially developed to provide travel for disadvantaged groups, but is now broadening to include ageing more generally.  It is gaining interest from policy-makers, particularly in Europe and the UK, who are observing the emerging evidence on the potential of local, supported tourism to deliver health benefits to the targeted populations, as well as economic benefits to local communities.


Travel offers a sense of purpose, social activity, perceived control and opportunities to construct a new identity as a traveler. Equally of value, travel is good for brain health, as it offers the novelty and complexity that our brains crave.

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G: Very Specific strategies
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GOAL 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities