Using animals
Using extremism
Exploiting trust
Exploiting oceans
Exploiting misery
Exploiting tourism
Exploiting viewers
Exploiting sympathy
Exploiting children
Exploiting confusion
Exploiting education
Exploiting for travel
Exploiting dependence
Using legal loopholes
Exploiting aboriginals
Exploiting the elderly
Exploiting differences
Exploiting cheap labour
Exploiting the oppressed
Exploiting in employment
Exploiting political fear
Exploiting the vulnerable
Exploiting women refugees
Exploiting through economy
Exploiting humanitarianism
Exploiting sporting events
Using incorrect information
Exploiting cultural heritage
Utilizing material resources
Exploiting marketable skills
Exploiting patient obsession
Using political exploitation
Using exploitation in housing
Exploiting policy differences
Exploiting violent revolution
Exploiting through development
Exploiting military fallibility
Exploiting for medical purposes
Exploiting property development
Exploiting international crisis
Exploiting policy-making errors
Exploiting internal displacement
Exploiting untapped park potential
Exploiting erroneous classification
Exploiting within capitalist systems
Exploiting untapped regional markets
Exploiting erroneous development policy
Exploiting differing conceptions of time
Exploiting lifestyle disparity resentment
Exploiting fallibility of the legal system
Exploiting errors in computerized personal data
Exploiting political differences among countries
Exploiting disparities among developing countries
Exploiting geographically disadvantaged countries
Exploiting international disparity in the consumption of resources
Exploiting disparity between industrialized and developing countries
Exploiting disparities in global distribution of communication resources and facilities
Developing agricultural resources
Using carbon intensive energy sources
Taking advantage of voter disillusionment
Type Classification:
A: Abstract fundamental strategies
Related UN Sustainable Development Goals:
GOAL 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth