Improving representation of NGOs at international meetings

1. If NGOs are to play more meaningful roles within the UN system, they must first tackle touchy issues and make decisions about how they operate -- with each other and with other sectors. NGOs themselves must decide these questions, and while doing so they must practice what they preach about 'transparency', 'participation' and 'accessibility'. Since there is a lack of balance among regions represented in UN conferences, NGOs should select 'focal points' for each geographic region. To truly transcend national borders, NGOs must eliminate such barriers, respect different styles, contribute to both national and international agendas, and recognize heterogeneous cultures.

2. Global conferences are convened by and the outcome reflect the consensus of governments. These are not the cutting-edge of new ideas or approaches. We (NGOs) must propose actual ways and means of getting the commitments implemented. We must review the actions of governments, the laws and regulations.

Type Classification:
E: Emanations of other strategies
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