Regulating wages
Protecting quality
Implementing models
Implementing the law
Implementing a project
Implementing democracy
Limiting rights to land
Implementing agreements
Implementing work reform
Implementing refugee law
Implementing resolutions
Implementing legislation
Implementing diaconal aid
Implementing immigration law
Implementing summertime zones
Implementing policy directives
Reducing government regulations
Implementing austerity measures
Implementing development policy
Implementing democratic reforms
Implementing educational policy
Implementing societal principles
Implementing community decisions
Offering learner-managed learning
Implementing educational policies
Implementing existing legislation
Implementing global travel schemes
Implementing local engagement means
Implementing development programmes
Implementing national policy process
Implementing physical expansion jobs
Implementing needed peer interchange
Planning for communication development
Implementing global strategy for shelter
Implementing intensified farming methods
Implementing national regional strategies
Facilitating economic structural adjustment
Implementing primary health care strategies
Implementing international commitments jointly
Implementing co-operative agricultural schemes
Implementing effective crime prevention strategies
Implementing product-specific environmental policies
Implementing environmentally sound hydropower schemes
Developing trade union policies on sustainable development
Implementing waste management policies for waste reuse and recycling
Implementing world ethic for sustainable living in all sectors of society
Reforming policy
Implementing programmes
Implementing international development strategy
Type Classification:
A: Abstract fundamental strategies